NJR Strategies is a strategic advisor for early-stage and growth ventures specializing in data-driven business development, communications, partnerships, and public affairs work to support growth and innovation for each individual venture. 

Natalie Reese built her career delivering results and solving problems across large organizations in fast-paced, rapidly-changing, and high-visibility environments including the Obama Administration in the White House and the Treasury Department.

Now, NJR Strategies advises founders on the strategic growth of soft-skills functions by identifying and triaging their immediate needs, while creating a long term roadmap for soft-skills functions to support intelligent growth and innovation.

Natalie brings her experience shaping strategy and working in business development, communications, partnerships, and public policy to a set of clients and projects as diverse as her background.  

About Natalie Reese

Natalie has a decade of experience working across public and private sectors crafting strategy and ensuring that the operations, communications, and external relations meet the strategic goals of the organizations and executives she works with. 

Before founding NJR Strategies in 2017, Natalie worked at Palantir in Business Development with commercial clients in the United States, Europe, and Asia where she led growth and managed risk on enterprise accounts. Her clients included one of the top three entertainment network groups domestically and one of the three largest financial services companies globally. In this role, she managed client relationships, partnered with external leadership and teams, and led technical and analytical teams that built custom technology products to solve problems and deliver value for clients in the entertainment, media, consumer, and financial services verticals. 

Natalie worked for the Obama Administration from 2010-2015 at the White House and at the Treasury Department in the Chief of Staff’s Office. In a rapidly-changing and volatile time for the global economy, she worked around the world with Treasury Secretaries Tim Geithner and Jack Lew, where she led operations, logistics, communications planning, and execution for hundreds of public messaging, diplomatic visits, international summits, and private-industry related engagements. From 2011-2015, Natalie worked as part of a lean team in the Treasury Chief of Staff’s Office to ensure the Secretary’s engagements and official travel aligned with key policy and public messaging priorities. Natalie has worked in more than 40 countries around the world building relationships and negotiating on behalf of the United States Government.

Natalie now lives in Austin, Texas and still enjoys traveling frequently. Before moving to Texas, Natalie lived in Washington, D.C . and New York, as well as Paris and the Bay Area.


"I started NJR to apply my full range of skills and experiences across a diverse set of challenges, maximizing the value I deliver, the people I collaborate with, and the organizations I can impact."

Working Together

Venture-backed startups are in a constant state of evolution. They require flexible solutions that can adapt to their changing needs preserving optionality, time, and money.

No matter the size or stage of a venture, all of the business functions from product to communications need to be playing from the same playbook.  Every founding team has different blind spots, in many venture-backed companies it is how and when to leverage soft skills functions to maximize success throughout growth, scale, fundraising, and overcoming obstacles. 

Every engagement is structured to fit the unique needs, resources, and timeline of each venture. NJR is passionate about working with entrepreneurs to make their vision a reality meeting them where they are, and helping them get where they need to be.